Art Movement | Explore and experience Indian classical dance forms.

An art movement

At Guardian, when we say that we are passionate about culture, it is reflected in our initiatives like Nrityayatri, which go beyond profit-making. Established in 2011 by Mrs. Meghana Sabade, Nrityayatri is a first-of-its-kind non-profit organization in India committed to the cause of promoting Indian culture by:

  • Inspiring dancers to explore various forms of dance
  • Promoting cultural exchange to nurture different schools and thoughts of dance
  • Creating awareness about diverse allied arts related to various classical dance forms.·
  • Helping artists to broaden their horizons and find a spiritual connect through their art form.

The aim is to enable artists build long-term relationship with their art form, eventually leading to an enriched artist who would help upkeep the cultural form alive for generations to come.