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Holiday is our time to take a break from the everyday struggles of life, a time to relax, enjoy what we have achieved and cherish those we love. And above all, transport ourselves to new realms of this world and capture exotic memories that enrich us, as we go back to our journeys of life. At Guardian, we are committed to creating the perfect holiday capsules for our travellers.

  • TRAVELLERS1,00,000 +
  • OPERATING SECTORS26+ Across the World
  • HOLIDAY PORTFOLIODomestic & International sectors including Leisure
  • THE STANDOUT FEATURE Personalised holidays


Planet Earth is a kaleidoscope; every time you look at it, you travel into a world unseen until then. At Guardian Holidays we believe in taking our customers to these newer, fresher shades of the world that never fail to surprise, excite and engage their minds and impact their lives. We follow a simple guiding philosophy of "More than Tourism".

In all of our 16 successful years of operations, we have evolved and stayed abreast with the ever changing travel trends and interests of our customers. In the backdrop of our expansive vision, Guardian Holidays established its global footprints by opening its first overseas office in Singapore.

Customer delight is at the core of our business offering, and to that end, we have continuously striven to adapt and provide our customers with the most comfortable, engaging, innovative travel experience. Our contemporary tours include a wide variety and combinations of domestic destinations, popular international destinations and, finally for our more adventurous and eclectic customers, innovative and personalised tour packages.